What is the Merchant Marketplace and how does this platform work?

The Merchant Marketplace helps fund small businesses in America that are unable to secure traditional bank loans or lines of credit. Our syndication platform enables investors to invest in these businesses and earn potentially high returns. Unlike a traditional bank, a Merchant Cash Advance focuses on a business's strength instead of their past history and in such, we have a high approval rating compared to traditional lending institutions.

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How do we secure our investments?

The Merchant Marketplace educates business owners about the higher costs of a merchant cash advance compared to traditional bank loans or lines of credit and ensures the business can generate enough profit to pay off the advance. We file a UCC-1 on the business, which acts as collateral in addition to having our merchants sign a personal guarantee of performance. We have an internal and external legal team to retrieve funds if necessary. Over 90% of our funded merchants pay back their advances and use the money for growth, supporting their families and the local economy.

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The 10 best practices to earn the most amount of money on our platform

Here are 10 best practices to earn money on our platform: 1. Determine your initial investment amount 2. Invest 5-8% in each deal 3. Be consistent in amount invested 4. Commit 6-12 months to investing 5. Reinvest earnings for compounding 6. Don't be discouraged by non-paying merchants 7. Invest in industries and businesses you like 8. Pay attention to the economy and leading industries 9. Refer friends and family for additional earnings 10. Track your portfolio daily and have fun helping businesses grow.

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The benefits of our syndication platform vs other investments in today's markets

Investing on the Merchant Marketplace syndication platform provides several advantages over traditional investment vehicles. These benefits include access to high-quality investment opportunities, diversification, expertise from experienced professionals, lower investment minimums, transparency, and the potential for higher returns. The platform offers investors the opportunity to access a range of vetted investment opportunities that they may not be able to access on their own. Investors can benefit from diversifying their portfolios and making more informed decisions with real-time tracking and monitoring of their investments. Additionally, the platform offers the potential for higher returns with lower investment minimums, making it a more accessible option for smaller investors

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What are my investment options?

You have 3 different investment options on our platform Option 1) You can either enter into a promissory note agreement that offers you a 15% annual return on your investment, paid quarterly. This note lasts for one year. When the term is up, you can reinvest your principal or we will return your principal investment. Option 2) You can invest a lumpsum of money and we will manage your portfolio by diversifiying it amongst the entire platform. or Option 3) You can pick and choose the deals in which you wish to invest in as well as the dollar amount you wish to invest for each deal.

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What are the costs to syndicate on the Merchant Marketplace platform?

When investing on the Merchant Marketplace platform as a syndicate, investors can earn a potentially high return on each deal they invest in. However, there are costs associated with bringing the deals to the platform, such as broker commission, syndication fee, and management fee, which are shared pro rata with investors. These costs can vary but are generally 10-15% for broker commission, 2% for syndication fee, and 3% for management fee. An example of how this works is shown with a $1,000 investment in a business called Jim's Jet Rocket Rental, which has a funding amount of $50,000, a 1.45 factor rate, and a 6-month payback term. The total upfront cost for the investment is $1,140, and the potential return after 6 months is $1,406.50, resulting in a profit of $266.50 or a 23.4% return.

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