How do we secure our investments?

The first step in securing our funds is to educate our customers. When a Business owner takes out a merchant cash advance, they understand that the cost of this capital is higher than traditional bank loans or lines of credit. We take the time to educate the business owner about what a cash advance is and ensure, as best as possible, the owner can generate a high enough profit margin to pay off their advance while being beneficial to their companies bottom line.

Secondly, as soon as we fund a merchant, we file a UCC-1 on the business. A UCC-1 is a public lien that we place on the business that acts as collateral against the company. If the advance is not paid back or the merchant defaults, we have claim to any and all assets the business owns. Thirdly, all of our merchants sign a personal guarantee of performance. A personal guarantee of performance is a legal agreement in which the business owner agrees to take personal responsibility for a debt or obligation incurred by a business.

In other words, the individual guarantees that they will personally repay the debt if the business is unable to do so.

Lastly, we have both an internal and external legal team that will work with the business owner to ensure that we will get paid back. If the merchant is uncooperative, we utilize any and all legal means necessary to retrieve our funds.

Historically, over 90% of the merchants we fund will pay us back because these hard working American businesses are honest, hardworking and use the money for growth. These strong American men and woman work hard to support their families and local economy. Their business is their bread and butter and how they feed their families, so they will do everything in their power to work hard, pay their debts and grow their businesses with the monies that we advance to them.

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