The 10 best practices to earn the most amount of money on our platform

From our past experience, we have seen many of our syndicate partners earn a substantial return while investing in America's small businesses.

Let us share with you how they did it

We typically find that 90% of merchants pay us back, which means that 10% do not. The best way to hedge against losses is employing the following methods, which we've learned from our top earning investors

  1. Determine how much you would like to invest on our platform
  2. Invest only between 5-8% of your total amount in any one particular deal
  3. Be consistent in the amount you invest in each deal
  4. Commit at least 6-12 months investing on our platform
  5. Instead of taking money back, leave it in your wallet and reinvest it in new deals, the compounding on your money is amazing and grows very quickly
  6. Don't be discouraged by a non-paying merchant. Many times they get back on track or we settle and you will get paid, it just may take some time in certain cases.
  7. Invest in industries and businesses that you like, as you will get great satisfaction knowing that you've helped them to succeed.
  8. Pay attention to the economy and follow leading industries - For example, let's say you want to invest in trucking and you see the price of gas is going down. That means a truckers bottom line is going up and it may be a good time to invest in the trucking industry.
  9. Refer friends and family to our platform and make sure they use your referral code. This is another great way to earn an addition 1% on the amount of money your referrals invest on our platform
  10. Track your portfolio and deals on a daily basis, have fun, help America's businesses grow, and earn a potentially signification return all at the same time.

There's truly no better way to earn money than in our Merchant Marketplace.

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