The Need for the Merchant Marketplace

What compelled us to create the Merchant Marketplace?

After the market crash of 2008, Small businesses faced big challenges in obtaining financing from traditional lenders, including banks. Some common reasons for this include:

Strict lending requirements

Many traditional lenders, including banks, have strict requirements for loan applicants, including a minimum credit score, a minimum amount of collateral, and a proven track record of success. These requirements can be difficult for small businesses to meet, particularly those that are just starting out or have experienced financial challenges in the past.

Limited options

Small businesses may have limited options when it comes to obtaining capital, as they may not qualify for traditional forms of financing and may not have the resources to pursue alternative options such as crowdfunding or angel investing.

High costs

Some forms of capital, such as merchant cash advances or other types of short-term financing, can be expensive for small businesses due to high interest rates and fees.

Economic uncertainty

Economic uncertainty, such as a recession or an unstable market, can make it harder for small businesses to obtain capital, as lenders and investors may be more hesitant to take on risk during times of uncertainty.

The Merchant Marketplace’s mission is to help these small businesses thrive by giving them that capital to they need to not only grow, but to sustain through the tough times that every business owner will face in tough business cycles. Help us help them by investing in these businesses throughout this great country.

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